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   1. The TaoSol Solar Heater consists of a Thermal Reservoir , a Glass Lid , a Float Tap 3/4", two Adapters with Brown PVC Weldable Flange with 3/4" Thread.  two  90º Weldable Knees with 3/4" Thread, one Cap 3/4", one Elastomeric Profile and two Safety Ropes .


   2. The stored product must always be disassembled, in a shady place, protected from sunlight, protected from heat sources, protected from harmful objects, with the base of the product supported away from floodable floors, protected from submersion and always covered by the Canvas Protective , white and opaque.


   3. The choice of the Attachment Support where the TaoSol Solar Heater will be installed must comply with  to the following criteria: receive maximum direct incidence of sunlight throughout the day and year, absence of shadows cast by vegetation or buildings, allow the installation, at level, of the TaoSol Solar Heater with the front facing magnetic or geographic north, have a 3/4" pipe to supply cold water (direct or indirect), have a 3/4" pipe to receive hot water, have a weight of 400 kg, dimensions of 1.7 x 1.1 x 0.36 meters of the product and be at least one meter above the point of consumption.

   4. The base of the TaoSol Solar Heater must be supported on a Level Base that keeps the base of the product always level and away from floodable floors.

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