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security instructions

   1. Read the entire contents of these TaoSol Solar Heater “Safety Instructions” before handling the product and starting installation . Failure to comply with the recommendations indicated in these TaoSol Solar Heater “Safety Instructions” releases Inovatec from any liability and product warranty.

   2. Inovatec products can be picked up at our Distribution Center , personally by the customer, or by third parties, when authorized by the customer.


  3. Inovatec's products can be chartered by a carrier indicated automatically by the website in the Cost of Shipping , or a carrier chosen freely by the customer, as long as it is communicated to Inovatec and under the full responsibility of the customer.

   4. The storage and installation of the TaoSol Solar Heater is the sole responsibility of the customer. The customer can hire the Inovatec Authorized Installation Service, through SAC , to assume the Technical Responsibility for the installation of the TaoSol Solar Heater.

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